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Preferred Plus- How low do You want to go?- Long Term Stay

Preferred Rate- Lowest Rate with no lender fees- Just in case we stay (Most common)

Preferred Cost-  Reduce/Eliminate your Closing Costs- Short Term Stay


YOU know?


You can qualify with a no PMI option with as little 5% down, not 20%? Simply ask about this option when getting pre-approved!



A little bit about the


Loan Application

We will collect all of your personal documents and compile everything into a loan application which varies between 25-35 pages depending on the loan program. We do not need the original "signed" loan application, so feel free to email, fax or drop off once it has been signed. You can also scratch through any errors and pencil in necessary corrections.



While in this status, the processor will verify your dates of employment (current and previous), verify rental history (if applicable), order a flood certificate, order tax transcripts, open title work and order appraisal (if applicable). After all of these items have been completed, your loan will be sent to the underwriter for initial loan approval.

Submitted to Underwriting

We have gathered all initial documentation & verifications on your loan. The loan has been sent up to the investor and an underwriter will be assigned for review. This process takes a few days. As soon as we have initial loan decision, you will be notified.


Re-Submitted to Underwriting

The Underwriting conditions have been gathered and sent to the underwriter for review. This process takes a few days. If the Underwriter deems all conditions as "acceptable", he/she will issue a final loan approval (or clear to close). If the underwriter notices any other items that he/she needs, a new Approval will be issued.

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About me.


Lesley Lopez is a Loan Officer for Preferred Lending Solutions. She joined the team in January of 2015. Lesley has been licensed in the state of Louisiana as a mortgage loan originator since April of 2012. She started off as a loan processor back in 2010, so she has a lot of knowledge in all areas of residential mortgage lending.... specifically in Conventional, FHA, VA, Rural Development & investment property mortgage loans.


Lesley graduated from Acadiana High School in Lafayette, LA. She studied at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. She has been married to her husband Kasey since July of 2009. They reside in Youngsville with their son, Kullen.




We have received final loan approval and now your closing date and time will be scheduled with the closing attorney. Closing is the final step in the mortgage process and is when all of the funds are distributed to the receiving parties, and all of the paperwork is finalized and signed. The closing attorney will contact you to schedule a date, time and inform you of any funds needed at closing (if applicable).

(Clear to close)

Lesley Lopez